Terms and Conditions


Customer’s data

Data that are entered when a new customer signs up.
Attention! According to the Law, Plusspot does not collect personal data from children under 16 years old. This way, in order for a new customer to sign up, the customer has to agree with the terms of using our webpage. As a result ,he /she declares responsibly that he/she has already completed the sixteenth year of birth.
During the registration, the below personal details are required:
First name, Surname, Address , Postcode ,City/Area ,Country ,Telephone number, fax, e-mail address. Brand name , Vat , Public Financial Service and business activity are additionally required for our corporate clients.
Τhe above data are essential for the disposal of the products that our company trades.

Customer’s data usage.

Plusspot database collects personal details of those clients who:
a. Either want to subscribe to our service
b. Or want to have access to it.
In order for the transactions to be supported , through the site, the collection of personal data is necessary.
Plusspot will not distribute any personal details for marketing causes without the client’s consensus. User’s personal data is possible to be used for personal content creation, services and advertisement in regard to our website.

Plusspot would like to inform you that when you visit the webpage or make purchases, it is neseccary that you provide certain personal details. These details will automatically be edited and incorporated into computerized documents which will have already been announced to the Authority in charge. Plusspot has been defined as the Web Editor. The handling and protection of your own personal data are subjected to the terms of the present section and to the relevant ordinances of the Greek Law.(N. 2472/1997) for the persons protection against the personal data editing from the authorities in charge. With the intention of prevention and free/unconfined release of these data as it has been filled in after the President’s of the personal protection committee decisions , Presidential Decree 207/1998 and 79/2000 and the article 8 of the L 2819/2000 and the European Law (instructions 95/46/EK and 97/66/EK) that has already been enriched and refined based on the new ordinances of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with the instruction (E.E.) 2016/680. The present part constitutes a protection of personal data contract that covers the conditions of your personal details collection and handling through Plusspot services usage and through the website . In case that you do not accept the terms mentioned above , you must not use Plusspot services.

Τhe collection and the computerized personal data editing intends to the tracing of the conventional relation with Plusspot, to the control, improvement and adjustment, to preferences and choices concerning products and services and to the online or traditionally sending administrative, technological ,organizational and/or commercial information for Plusspot products and services.

In case that it comes to our attention that the personal data of a child (under 16) have been accidentally collected, they wil be deleted immediately without any delay.

At any moment you prefer, after your registration to Plusspot webpage ,you have the right to have access to the document , to correct it, erase it and show your objection with regard to data editing that concerns you. Besides, your consensus can be recalled at any time. Τhence you can send an e-mail to : .

Plusspot has developed legal protection measures for its systems and documents. Additionally ,Plusspot guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data ,however, Plusspot has the right to reveal personal data or any other information that owns or is accessible through its systems to the Public Authorities if this is prescribed from any applicable law ordinance.

You guarantee and have liability for the truth , accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data that are publicised during your registration to Plusspot webpage , .

Τhe website users are automatically registered to our company’s newsletter. Plusspot provides the opportunity to the users or those enrolled through the website to choose if they want to be registered to our company’s newsletter for their own informing of the new products that market has at its disposal and of other offers , payment arrangement etc. through the shipping of advertising or informative messages by mail or post. Plusspot will not use excessively the above service.

Users are capable ,though, to stop receiving advertising messages or delist from the newsletter receiver list during its sending.


Cookies are small text files, which contain alphanumeric characters. They are sent to the visitor’s computer and are locally kept without damaging hardware, software or other computer files. They are used to websites in order to offer services based on customization and on the preferences that each visitor of our website has , accommodation to each visitor so that the provided services run right and without malfunctions. They help multiple user choices to be collected, they identify frequent users and in general they enable user’s access to the webpage. Modern websites usually use session cookies.

There are different types of cookies that are briefly analysed below :
• Necessary  Cookies.  They are one of the most basic types of cookies that are used to the products saving into the shopping bag, to add products in Wish lists, to complete online payment and thus they contribute to the webpage’s functionality.
• Functionality Cookies.  These cookies memorize the user’s preferences (relevant to the webpage). As a result we are able to display recent products that the user has recently seen or products relevant to what the user has previously seen.
• Perfomance Cookies.  These cookies collect information regarding the way our webpage is used by the public. They give us the opportunity to know which webpages have the most visits , also they monitor any functional problems made by chance through surfing the webpage etc. Perfomance Cookies do not collect information which identify the visitor (anonymously) since they are used to our own statistic informing on the total visitors’ number. They are used for the webpage’s,, development and improvement reasons only.
• Advertising Cookies.  They are used so that the user is able to watch advertisements relevant to his interests for the purpose of targeted ads and so that phenomena of undesirable advertising context are eliminated. Moreover, they help statistical measuring of the ad’s effectiveness.
• CookiesAnalytics.  These Cookies are relevant to functionality cookies and help to the evaluation of the various webpage functions effectiveness so that the surfing experience is improved.
Session cookies are used by Plusspot during your browsing on our website that are essential not only for the right and regular function of the webpage but also for the hotspot access points.
All the visitors, have the ability to be informed each time for a cookie download and decide whether they want to receive it or not after they have evaluated the benefits or/and ‘consequences’ from its download, as long as they have adjusted their web browser settings.
Third suppliers like Google or Facebook etc. can advertise our company’s ads into their websites or into other affiliated websites.
Furthermore, Google is able to use cookies from which it draws upon the previous user’s visit to websites in order to show and optimize the ads according to user’s interests. Plusspot, can use previous user’s visits information for remarketing.
Ιf the user, for any reason, wants to be excluded from this cookies usage is able to make a request on the relevant Google webpage  here.
Plusspot, is able to use Google Analytics functions for the online visitors behaviour on its website with the intention of remarketing, showing Google network reports etc. and promotion of specific products and services ads that the visitor prefers.
If a visitor wants to be excluded from the advertising procedure of his/her online preferences (Google ads, Google Analytics) is able to adjust the settings to the relevant Google Settings link.
Analytically, into the link of available exclusion options, the visitor is able to choose from which exact Google Analytics editing wants to be excluded.
Plusspot webpage operates and complies with Ads policy based on Google AdWords interests and on limitations for delicate categories .It uses cookies for remarketing and interactive marketing based on information drawn upon users’ browsing. All the above happen because Plusspot wants better online services for its clients. Cookies such as Google Analytics are used by Plusspot and Google with the view to show ads based on users’ browsing into Plusspot webpage.
Plusspot has the right to alter or revise the current Cookies policy at any time. Possible changes into Cookies policy are applied since the revised Cookies policy is published on our website.